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Daddo Invites you for a voyage of spiritual rediscovery, preserving ancient Ladino texts and folk melodies while reworking them for modern times.
The Ladino Song legacy is best-known as the quintessential sound of Sephardic tradition.

Dado modernize bring this classic Jewish culture
up-to-date , enriching it with oriental beats, classic orientation and Klezmer Sounds
Featuring Arab and Jewish musicians playing modern arrangements of ancient Mediterranean songs, The Ladino Project crosses cultural and ethnic boundaries, Carried by the powerful voice of Daddo

spacer Show for Jewish Comunitys / Jeiwsh Holiday

Dganit Dado - Singer & member of the Israeli National Theatre-"HABIMA",
A veteran international performer, having collaborated with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Jewish Agency, 'Nativ', t he Israel Bonds and many Jewish communities around the world, Dganit Dado is bringing her show of traditional Jewish and Contemporary Israeli music to all audiences.

spacer Yair Dadal & Daddo Dganit

Yuval and Dganit have now joined reknowned world musician, Ya'ir Dalal, in a new and exciting trio performance of Middle-Eastern Jewish folk music, focusing on materials in Jewish Spanish (Ladino), Hebrew, and Arabic songs sung by the Iraqi Jewish diaspora. Originating in traditional Jewish wedding and funeral music, the song material reverberates with the mirth and sadness of the traditional middle-eastern Jewish lifestyle. Evoking the verities of the middle-eastern lifecycle, it bridges ethnic, religious and national divides.

Born in 1955, composer, violinist, oud player and singer Ya'ir Dalal is probably the most prolific Israeli ethnic musician and plays an important role in shaping the global world music scene. Over the last decade he has put 11 albums, covering wide and varied cultural territory, and authentically representing Israel’s cultures and fusing them through music as whole.

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